Choices. That’s essentially what life boils down to. Today was St Patricks Day. I’m a 30 year young recovering alcoholic. I had many choices today. I could have got up and,  after 15 months sober,  taken a drink and be dead or institutionalised within 6 months. I could have stayed home all day hiding and being miserable about not being able to drink, when the whole world seemes to be at it today . Or I could could get out and enjoy the millions of options I have now that I’m free. 

So, today I got up, got dressed and took part in a 10km road race. I loved it. I was tired and soaked and sore and free. I ate pizza and watched tv with my family. I spent an hour with other drunks sharing stories. 

Family, living and being part of something bigger. They are the things I choose today. Because I don’t have to drink anything is possible every day. 

Today wasn’t perfect but damn it was close. 


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